President's Welcome

Welcome to the Yosemite Faculty Association (YFA)!  The YFA is the collective bargaining unit for all full-time and part-time faculty at Modesto Junior College and Columbia College within the Yosemite Community College District (YCCD). The YFA represents faculty interests that are addressed in the YFA/YCCD Contract.

Educate yourself about your rights and responsibilities contained in the YFA/YCCD Contract.  While our salary schedule and benefits (also known as our "total compensation") are covered in the contract, the remaining articles in this legal agreement are equally important for you to understand.  Our signed agreement with the YCCD covers such items as: (1) workload; (2) faculty evaluations; (3) the academic calendar; (4) sabbatical leave; (5) sick leave; (6) intellectual property; (7) academic freedom; and (8) many more areas that aim to promote a healthy working environment for faculty and a strong learning environment for our students.

In addition to contract negotiations, the YFA also assists individual faculty members on a variety of contractual interests and concerns.  Ideally, these are addressed with simple and informal mediation.  When needed, our union relies on legal assistance to resolve these matters.

The YFA is a member of both the Bay Area Faculty Association (BFA) and the California Community College Independents (CCCI).  These associations provide mutual support for other independent-unions, like the YFA, and offer advocacy at the State level in behalf of community colleges.

The YFA is here to support you as a faculty member within the YCCD, but it also needs your active participation.  Stay informed by reviewing any information provided to you.  Be vocal with your colleagues on the Representative Council.  Finally, get involved by volunteering for committees where YFA representation is needed or consider serving on the Representative Council.

If you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to discuss them with you.  MJC faculty can find me at the YFA Office next to the faculty lounge on East Campus.  Columbia College faculty are encouraged to speak with me on my visits to the campus.  All faculty may also contact your Representatives or consider meeting with any YFA Executive Board member if you need assistance.

All my best,

Jim Sahlman, YFA President

Jim Sahlman 

Contact Information:
Yosemite Faculty Association
435 College Avenue
Modesto, CA 95350
Jim Sahlman, President
(209) 575-6699
Geri Wend,
Executive Assistant

(209) 575-6766