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William Holly, MJC

Position Vacant - 
If you're interested in the CC Part-Time Faculty Representative position, please contact the YFA Office at (209) 575-6699.

Welcome YFA Part-Time Faculty

Located on this page is important information specifically for the part-time faculty members in the Yosemite Community College District.


  • BENEFITS include help with initial salary placement, workload concerns, conciliation / grievances, and contract negotiations.

  • FLEX obligations:  Percentage of full time, based on area and load (~ 1/2 weekly hours)

Log into https://flex.yosemite.edu/ to find the exact FLEX time to fulfill each year.

  • SICK TIME benefits:  1 hour for each 20 hours of paid service


  • SALARY advancement:

STEP: Two years of service or 180 class hours to move your first step, two years of service for each additional step, up to a maximum of Step 10 (Step 12 in summer)

COLUMN:  By collegiate units (professional development / prior approval)

For further clarification, see the Step Advancement Guidelines for Part-time Faculty.

Click here for YCCD Request for Professional Improvement Activity form

  • UNEMPLOYMENT filings:

    • Click here for a two-page document summary of how to file for unemployment

    • Click here for a step-by-step How-To-File Powerpoint from FACCC website, developed by Mary Ellen Goodwin Associate Secretary Foothill-DeAnza Faculty Association

    • Click here for a handbook on part-timer unemployment benefit rights, developed by the Law Offices of Robert J. Bezemek

  • FACCC (Faculty Association for California Community Colleges) additional information for part-time faculty can be found at http://www.faccc.org/New/PartTime/PartTimeIndex.asp





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