Executive Assistant

Geri Wend
East Campus, Faculty Lounge
(209) 575-6699

Executive Board

  Jim Sahlman

MJC VP/Grievance Officer

   Sarah Curl

CC VP/Grievance Officer
   Tim Elizondo

   Iris Carroll

   Larry Scheg

MJC College Council
   Ross McKenzie

MJC Member-at-Large
   Allan McKissick

MJC Member-at-Large
    Jim Stevens

CC Member-at-Large
    Maryl Landess

Budget Analyst - Vacant

Representative Council

Agr & Environ. Sciences
   Dale Pollard

Allied Health
   Jill Ramsey

Arts, Hum & Comm
   Haleh Niazmand

Family & Cons Science
 Cheryl Williams-Jackson

Bus, Beh & Soc Sciences
   Shelley Akiona 
   Stephen Choi

   Brian Greene

Phy, Rec & Health Ed
   Demitrius Snaer

Literature & Language Arts
   Michael Akard (A)
   Laura Manzo (B)

Science, Math & Eng
   Mike Adams
   Tom Nomof

Special Prog (EOPS/DSPS)
   Donna Louie

Student Services/Coun
   Hanna Louie

Technical Education

CC Rep.-at-Large
   Vacant (A)
   Vacant (B

Non-Voting Positions

Adjuncts at Large
   CC, Vacant
   William Holly, MJC

Faculty Consultant
   Michelle Christopherson


Working For & Protecting Faculty Rights Since 1978

 YFA Meetings

Meetings are not on the same Wednesday of every month due to the Veteran's Holiday, District Council, and the District Policies and Procedures Committee.

Meetings are from 3-5 pm in the East Campus Lounge.

Agendas, Minutes, Highlights


Meeting Schedule:


Executive Board:

  Spring 2017 Schedule

  • January 11

  • February 8

  • March 8

  • April 5
Representative Council:

  Spring 2017 Schedule

  • January 18

  • February 15

  • March 15

  • April 19