Executive Assistant

Geri Wend
East Campus, Faculty Lounge
(209) 575-6699

Executive Board

   Jim Sahlman

Vice President/Grievance Officer (MJC)
   Iris Carroll

Vice President/Grievance Officer (CC)
   Erik Andal

   Shelley Akiona

   Larry Scheg

MJC College Council
   Ross McKenzie

MJC Member-at-Large
   Dale Pollard

MJC Member-at-Large
   Tom Nomof

CC Member-at-Large
   Craig Johnston


Representative Council

Agr & Environ. Sciences
   Mike Morales

Allied Health
   Jill Ramsey

Arts, Hum & Comm
   Haleh Niazmand

Family & Cons Science
   Cheryl Williams-Jackson

Bus, Beh & Soc Sciences
   Linda Kropp
   Steve Choi

   Vacant - Iris Carroll

Phy, Rec & Health Ed
   Demitrius Snaer

Literature & Language Arts
   Laura Manzo
   Michael Akard

Science, Math & Eng
   Paul Cripe
   Tom Nomof

Special Prog (EOPS/DSPS)
   Ben Riley

Student Services/Couneling
   Hanna Louie

Technical Education
   Tim Vaughan

CC Rep.-at-Large
   Brian Greene (A)
   Pam Guerra-Schmidt (B)

Non-Voting Positions

Adjuncts at Large
   CC, Vacant
   Bill Holly, MJC

Faculty Consultant
   Allan McKissick


Working For & Protecting Faculty Rights Since 1978


2017-2020 Tentative Agreement, Related Articles & Information



Meetings are not on the same Wednesday of every month due to the Veteran's Holiday, District Council, and the District Policies and Procedures Committee.

Meetings are from 3-5 pm in the East Campus Lounge.

 Agendas, Minutes, Highlights

 Spring 2019 Meeting Schedule

Executive Board

  • January 8
  • January 16
  • February 6
  • March 6
  • April 3
Representative Council

  • January 9 (Special Meeting on T.A.)
  • January 23
  • February 20
  • March 20
  • April 17

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